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Self-Publishing for the Broke Author by Jean Marie Bauhaus

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How much money does it take to produce, publish and publicize a professional-quality book?

What if I showed you how it can be done with no money at all?

If you’ve got a DIY spirit and the willingness to put in your time, that is. But what if the thought of all that DIY makes you break out in hives?

Well, what if I show you cost-effective ways to get help producing your book on a shoestring budget?

Whether you’ve got a little money budgeted for self-publishing, or no money at all, help with editing, formatting and cover design are well within your grasp. And I’ll show you how.

I’ll also show you free and budget-friendly ways to build your author platform and turn it into a book marketing machine.

I’m a hybrid author with eight self-published books to my credit (and counting), all but one of which didn’t cost me a dime.

And in this book, I’ll share the methods, tools and resources I use to produce and publicize each of my books.

If you think you can’t afford to get started with self-publishing, Self-Publishing for the Broke Author is a must-read. It will give you all the tools you need to launch your first book and set your publishing career on course to reach the stratosphere.

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