Self-Publishing for the Broke Author Now Available in Audio!

It's here at last! Self-Publishing for the Broke Author is now available in audio book format, narrated by the very talented Stevie Puckett (so no worries, you don't have to listen to me stumble awkwardly through it with my Okie accent). And the even better news? You can listen FREE if you sign up to … Continue reading Self-Publishing for the Broke Author Now Available in Audio!

Should You Write for Yourself, or Write to Market?

Listen to this post on Soundcloud: It's a great time to be an Indie Author, but it's also sometimes a confusing time to be an Indie Author. Conflicting advice abounds. I was going to write today about the merits of keeping your day job, but then I saw this post from Dean Wesley Smith … Continue reading Should You Write for Yourself, or Write to Market?

The Successful Indie Author Mindset

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels Listen to this post: Whoever said self-publishing is the easy path to a career as a published author has never actually tried self-publishing. Self-publishing can be immensely rewarding and satisfying, but one thing it’s definitely not is easy. If you’re considering self-publishing because you think it’s a shortcut … Continue reading The Successful Indie Author Mindset

How Canva + GIMP Can Produce a Stunning Cover for Your Paperback

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I already told you about Canva, your new secret weapon for creating beautiful e-book covers when a professional cover designer simply isn’t in the budget. Today I’m back with more good news: with a little tweaking, you can also use Canva to create a high-resolution cover image that will work seamlessly with Kindle Direct Publishing’s Cover Creator to produce a stunning cover for your paperback. Keep reading to learn how.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using GIMP, a free, open-source image editor comparable to Photoshop.  You can download your copy here.

gimp-canva-tut-1 My cover for my upcoming book, which I’m producing using the same methods I describe within its pages.

Step One: Create your book cover in Canva. You can start from scratch, or customize one of the dozens of free book cover templates in their template library. Be sure to leave plenty of margin between the edges…

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Should I Self-Publish My Book?

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Image by Perfecto_Capucine from Pixabay

As a member of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, I see some version of this question crop up on a regular basis. It’s a hard question to answer, because ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide which path is best for your book, and for your overall writing career. But hopefully, the information and guidelines I’m about to provide can help you with that decision.

But first, a little background so you’ll know where I’m coming from: I self-published my first novel in 2011. It was not the first novel I’d ever written — not by a long shot. It had a number of predecessors, both finished and unfinished. I’d made a few stabs at going the traditional publishing route, only to get rejected. I decided to post this particular novel online to generate feedback, and put it up to read for free on a…

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Become a Better Storyteller

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Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something on Amazon after clicking the link below I’ll receive a small commission that will help support my work, at no additional cost to you.

Recently, there’s been a lot of debate among Writing Twitter about whether or not writers, particularly indie writers, should invest in professional editing, and how much editing is needed. I address some of that in my book, Self-Publishing for the Broke Author, and I plan to go deeper into that discussion in the future. But the short answer to both of those questions is, it depends.

One way that you can both improve as a writer and reduce your need for professional editing help? Become a better storyteller. While that’s not something you can do overnight, it’s definitely an achievable goal, which you can reach by taking the time…

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Self-Publishing for the Broke Author Workbook Now Available!

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The paperback workbook edition of Self-Publishing for the Broke Author is now available! It has all of the same great info on how to self-publish a professional quality book with little to no money that you’ll find in the ebook, plus workbook pages you can fill out to help define your self-publishing and marketing strategy. And when you order the workbook for $14.99, you can also get the Kindle edition added on for free with Kindle Matchbook pricing!

Head here to order your workbook today!

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